An American Peace and Security expert, a retired military Officer who is now a missionary after retirement, has advised Ugandans not to do the same mistake like Liberians who voted for a soccer expert and started regretting after only one year. He advised Ugandans to vote carefully and elect a responsible president in the coming presidential elections who will move the nation forward. Giving his annual global message to the world last week from his office in Idaho, Philadelphia USA, Gerry Manh warned Ugandans not to vote with emotions but think twice before casting their votes. He cautioned them to go slow and listen from God’s Voice rather than voting with emotions. Gerry who is the President of Law By Choice for Freedom International, a USA based Religious organisation promoting peace using the Ten Commandments of God, is well convasant with global Politics including Uganda.Gerry regretted to note that the world has turned upside down because they have forgotten Ten Commandments of God which He gave the world to guide people. The world working contrary to God’s guidance has messed up the world. He has met many presidents around the world giving them the printed poster of Ten Commandments. Since Kenya post elections violence took leaving more than 1400 dead, thousands wounded, properties destroyed and over 60,000 displaced, he has been following African elections. He was part of partners who worked tireless for Kenya post elections cease fire and reconciliation.

Gerry who runs missionary work and big projects with the government in Liberian, said that Liberians elected a soccer expert with emotions and now the country is falling apart and Liberians are now in tears for voting a wrong President without experience and wisdom. He says that ignorant leaders without experience cannot lead nations. He believes president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the best president for Uganda based on his track record and peace initiatives on the planet Earth. Museveni has been an African star and worked with many African presidents to restore peace in their respective countries.

He cautioned Ugandans to be watchful of New World Order Sector funders including some Americans who are destroying the world through LGBT and other vices against God’s teachings. Gays, lesbians and drug addicts are consuming the world through poor Leadership, Gerry lamented. He sited Algentina Ant-Arbotion bill which was handed over to president Albert Fernandez to legalize arbitration and caused one the dangerous protest from Christians telling the president to reject it. The protest was organised by Pro -Life Civil Society organisations in Algentina.

Gerry got to know well about one the famous Ugandan presidential candidate, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bob Wine through the Aljazeera interview when James Bays hosted him and the interview went viral. He also watched the recent Free Bob Wine deadly demonstration in Kampala which was broadcasted on international media channels.
Gerry also knows very well president George Weah of Liberia who replaced Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the first African female elected president. George Weah grew in Monrovia slums and grew to fame through football. In 1990 was among the world topmost footballers which made him famous in Liberia. In 2017 he contested as the opposition Candidate on Congress for Democratic Change party and won Joseph Bakai who was contesting on on Unity Party , the ruling party. Bakai was the Vice president of Liberia the time he contested.

Weah used his early life slum experience, associating with the most poor. Liberians thought that he would look after the poor because he was once part of them before growing to fame.
During his presidential campaigns, he made 92 promises and focused on 4 key areas which included; turning the economy, increasing foreign investments, creating Jobs for the poor and fighting corruption.

On 22nd January 2018 Weah was sworn in as the 25th president of Liberia. Among the 92 promises only seven were realized in one year. In the second year he did nothing and started working for himself and his family. He was seen taking the country back to its past dictatorship. There was no tangible action which prompted a deadly demonstration to remove him.

Liberians were frustrated because there was economic crisis, high inflation, increase of public debt, food and fuel prices increased, corruption and violation of human rights.
In February 2020 after two years in office,
Liberians stormed streets in a deadly demonstration which paralyzed Monrovia City. The protest was dubbed #savethestate which attracted a large gathering.
When George was about to give up, a meeting of ECOWAS, Church leaders, Traditional Council, African Union, Council of Patriots and Diplomatic corps who calmed the demonstration. These agencies mitigated and reconciled the president with his people.

One of the Liberian Political analysit Neijai Pailey, after the demonstration said that George Weah underestimated that playing soccer is different from running a country. He lacked traditional skills set for a president to run a country.
Gerry Manh compared Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bob Wine with George Weah the president of Liberia whose background and profession has a lot in similar. They alll grew in slums. Bob Wine is Musician and George Weah is a soccer.
Gerry advised Ugandans to watch carefully and compare two personalities when electing the next president of Uganda.

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