When Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi wine was arrested by police in his Campaign trail, series of riots erupted that culminated into loss of lives. The Social media platforms were full of photos and video clips that reflect Political miscrocosm that need a Political analysis hereunder.

We saw video riot clips of alleged People power fanatic beating police officer with hammer, pelting stones on buses enrouting to Western Uganda like Global Buses , beating and looting. Suffice to say also , we heard statements of alleging Security operatives to certain tribal section.

Notably, in every liberation struggle, the architects of the revolution begin with Education of the masses about the cause of the struggle to win support of the masses. In Uganda’s National Resistance army struggle; attempts were made to teach masses about cause of the struggle and even rebel recruits underwent this ideological orientation. Major General Kahinda Otafire acted as Political Commissar in the struggle . It’s reported that when a rebel became indisciplined before wananchi would get severe punishment including firing squard. The rationale behind all this to check recalcitrant behaviour of rebels was to showcase to masses that rebels we’re fighting people’s potracted war and it was a just war to win trust and support of populace. Resultantly; the populace got recruited in rebel ranks, gave food, money and Intelligence and within five years, the liberation struggle was successful. The likes of Ho Chi Minh of Vietnamese war of Liberation, Mao Tse-tung or Mao-Zedong of China, Chivambo Mondlane of Mozambiquan war of Liberation etc made successful liberation struggles because they were pro people and people reciprocated by supporting them irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds . Cases in point inter alia are Mao Zedong of China who carried out Successful Communist revolution with few soldiers compared to million Soldiers of Kuomitang government who were given responsibility to exterminate Mao Zedong and his soldiers but grass root support made him to defeat these massive government soldiers, Malcom X and Martin Luther King who disseminated the justification for equal rights to Black Americans that made both blacks and even some whites to embrace the struggle.Indeed their Revolution has lived after their assassinations by making whites and blacks to vote the first black American president Hussein Obama and now Harris Kamala the first female Vice president Elect in American history morever inter racial . Equally analyse Struggle modus operandi of Nelson Mandela; he was agitating for black majority rule but was paradoxically against black domination against other races in South Africa. This was evidenced in Mandela’s speech in dock at Rivonia trial on 12th, June 1964

” I have dedicated my
Life to this Struggle……I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination , I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live in harmony and equal opportunities….But My Lord, if needs to be , It’s my ideal for which Iam prepared to die”. It’s such conviction that made Nelson Mandela an international icon and Political Father to South Africa before all races. Bobi wine’s speeches have had references to Nelson Mandela but the actions of People power are in not in Consonance with leadership modus operandi of Nelson Mandela. The real and true Bobi wine and his supporters tend to have some seated hatred on such section of tribes. True; some folks in these tribes could have made mistakes but it would be fallaciously wrong to generalise all of them. This is not revolutionary spirit .

The Savage actions of People power fanatics in the riots like beating, looting and harassing a certain section of tribes ascertains that People power supporters lack ideological formation and Nationalistic agenda. Uganda is a heterogeneous Nation with people from diverse backgrounds and ethnic inclinations. Thus , any Political struggle that arises on Uganda’s Political landscape must be ready to embrace all tribal groupings . Therefore, any inch of suspicion of prejudiced attitude by the struggle towards certain section of tribal groups makes that struggle non Nationalistic.

Pertinent to note; in all these liberation struggles , an imperialist and neo-colonialist has always been seen as arch-enemies against liberation struggles. Bobi wine majestically and shamelessly said that colonialism was good and better than post African governments and became insensitive to attrocities committed by imperialists and their merciless Economic exploitation. Political History unearthed that pseudo- nationalists who made Political marriage of Convenience with imperialists created conspiracy with colonialists to assassinate our Certified African Nationalists like Late Patrice Lumumba of Congo in January 1961, The assassination of Thomas Sankara of BurkinaFaso on 15th October 1987 . It’s alleged that his long time friend, ” brother” and his Deputy Blaise Compaore betrayed Thomas Sankara and arranged his assassination under influence of neo-colonialists. Admittedly, if Patrice Lumumba , Thomas Sankara and Eduado Chivambo Mondlane had been allowed to rule their countries , the Political and economic status-quo in these countries would be different. The neo- colonialistic agenda in these countries has denied them development they deserve despite natural resource endowment. Therefore, for Bobi wine to assert that European colonialism was far better is being insensitive to Political and economic wounds and scars on African and Asian bodies that continue to hurt.

Dear Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu ; take time to read world liberation wars , the impact of imperialism and neo-colonialism on Africa, the assassination of African Nationalists , the Personalities of great Revolutionaries and the books written by great nationalists like Long Walk to Freedom and Conversations with my Self by Nelson Mandela, Bibliography of Malcom X etc You will discover that alot needs to be done to improve your People power struggle. Secondly, design your Party Ideology and disseminate it to your subscribers and let it be in Consonance with Nation’s heterogeneous needs. You must make sure that your Political struggle has a political local touch . It’s too clear to Uganda’s Citizenry that your struggle has foreign interest which creates suspicion echoes because neo colonial powers make economic business in Politically turmoil Country as they export their military weaponly and reinstate Political puppet leaders who unquestionably don’t ask their economic contracts and exploitation especially Uganda with oil potential discoveries. The 21st Century neo-colonial expeditions in former economically powerful Libya which left it economically handicapped makes some pan Africanists like us skeptical about any one who makes Political marriage of Convenience with neo-colonialists in his struggle. Bobi wine; discern from any proselytizing propaganda by your fellow tribesmen who believe and gravitate that Uganda belongs to their tribe and have birth right to get special treatment. Uganda remains heterogeneous Nation and a good leader should be multi-ideological. Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert; inform your tribesmen that the only password to better their lives is to work hard and embrace work values. The other tribes who have come to Kampala wheel barrow pushing, shoe polishing and selling G.nuts have ended up buying land from your tribesmen but claimed that government gives them free money..go downtown and see tribes that do odd jobs will accept my submission. Their prayer to have unstable uganda and loot property and become rich is not easy now days. Inspire your fellow youth and guide them on how you worked hard to accumulate Wealth you have.

Che Guevara said ” if you want to cause a Revolution; educate Masses”. The actions of People power fanatics in the recent riots justify that they don’t have nationalistic cause and by attacking fellow Compatriots is overtone of ideological bankruptcy , Political abstruse and circumlocution per se. What one would love to gravitate to see in People power struggle is to act what you Bobi wine preaches. I will accept critique about my opinions in this piece wrong when you get bigger percentage in the Elections . conversely, issues raised here need exigent attention as yesterday. Time is a best Teacher.


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