Here’s what happens to the brain during

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Here’s what happens to the brain during sex

Because there are so many feel-good chemicals to explore.

When you’re getting down and dirty, about to have an orgasm, and ready for that sweet release, you might not be considering the power of your brain in sex.

The brain is actually super important to the whole sexual process. If your brain is not in on the game, you probably won’t even be able to have an orgasm. Your brain is the thing that tells your body it is sex time and your emotions start to pull you toward wanting sexual activity, all thanks to the brain.

Your brain releases dopamine, the motivation hormone, signaling your body to get ready for that hot, hot sexual action. Dopamine makes you want it and triggers the desire to go seek out sex.

The brain is our largest sex organ. All things that happen to your body, every fabulous sensation, is processed in the brain. If you have an orgasm, feel pleasure, or are straight up turned on, the brain is the prime actor in this series.

This is one of the main reasons why focusing on pleasure and quieting your noisy thoughts is important for fulfilling, enjoyable sex. The brain overpowers all physical sensation, it’s a powerhouse in sex.

When you’re having sex and enjoying yourself, the brain is swarmed with feel-good chemicals. Dopamine, as we’ve mentioned, is the body’s motivation hormone, and when you’re having fabulous sex, dopamine is running in high gear. In addition, adrenaline starts to pump wildly, making you feel excited and stimulated. You are

Also, during orgasm, our brains are flooded with even more dopamine and a rush of oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone. It’s what makes us feel close to our partner. It also relieves pain! It’s the hormone that gives you a sense of peace and wellness after amazing sex.

There’s also the responsive desire which occurs when you’re not feeling particularly sexual or turned on but decided to have sex anyway. You recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy sex life with your partner, so you go ahead with their wish to fool around