How do I get women to cream during sex?

How do I get women to cream during sex?

The cream you are refering to is a slow build up of lubrication, If a woman is suddenly taken sexually with little to no sexual thoughts between now and the last time she had sex there will be very little if any cream, just natural lubrication as it’s needed. When you build up the mental and emotional idea of sex however over a longer period the vagina releases lubrication as sort of a leek due to pressure build up the longer she is sexually excited for the creamier she will likely be.

You will notice in porn a higher tendency for this with huge dicks but the size which stretches and squeezes everything out is not the sole factor, it’s the excitement and build up to the scene in her own mind, the creamier the vagina the more she has been looking forward to it usually.

There are other types of discharge, and this type of discharge can become an unhealthy breeding ground but if you meant the healthy type of discharge then the above is the cause.

It depend on your pamper, cuddle & caress while being intimate.

You need to explore her as whole from toe to head,kiss her on all sensitive part like back & inner side of thigh,back of neck ,around umbilicus,do deep lip kiss atleast for 10 minutes without any break,fondle her breast like you are playing with small baby,play with nipple by your tongue,gentle massage her hair while sex,play with her foot sole..

Ultimately you need to treat her as a princess & same time as a most valued person of life,you need to balance sexual & emotional balance while sex,make her fee that you are most lucky person to have her.

Ultimately being in cream is stats of happy mind that you can feel on her face.

Take viagra and fuck her for hours. She will cream extremely she will gush and soak what ever she is laying on. And is a very good possibility she will lose all control of bodily functions and poop

I get women to cream by inserting two ✌️ fingers into her pussy and working them in and out fairly quickly stimulating her G-spot. The woman 👩 starts to get wet and you can hear this as she can to. She gets wetter and wetter and you know she is getting turned on. She then starts to moan and when she cums, you don’t stop fingering her. You keep fingering her while she is cumming and she will cum again. I did this to a woman 👩 in the movies 🎥 about a month ago and it was SUPER HOT 🔥! She was dripping wet 💦. Her clit and nipples were rock hard.