How Do You Know if You’re Satisfying Her In Bed ?

How Do You Know if You’re Satisfying Her In Bed ?

Here’s the truth:

Most guys think they’re doing great in bed, but they never reflexively look back and ask themselves, “Well, am I really?”

Or, “Do I have evidence for that?”

Because of this, it’s not uncommon to hear things from guys like, “Yeah, my wife doesn’t give me sex anymore.”

It’s almost a joke in today’s day and age.

And from what I know about women, the reason a woman doesn’t “give you sex” is because she’s not having fun.

If she’s having amazing orgasms and getting the top of her head blown off in pleasure… then she WILL be having sex with you. Period.

So it’s important to communicate with her about her orgasm. Yes, these conversations may be difficult, but you need to have them.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) What turns on her erotic mind?

2) What turns on my erotic mind?

Learn how to communicate those things, and then you can both have the best orgasms.

First, it means you really love your girlfriend. As she arouses you more.

second there are some things that help.

when you pee, stop it once in a while. This trains helping your muscle.

Stop everything just before you ejaculate. And kiss her. Normally stopping for 10 seconds before can delay it again for some minutes. If that does not work, you stopped too late

Make the foreplay longer. Or make more breaks in changing position (cunnilingus, kiss around the neck etc

learn to continue after you came. If you train that well you even can directly make it to a second time. This takes a lot of practice.

Another thing is get a blowjob ar the foreplay and come there. Normally the second time a night is much longer. This maybe needs to be explained to your girl before 😉

be open about it with your girl. That you want to endure longer and if she would help you.

talking about your sex wishes is extremely important for a relationship.