How do you orally pleasure a woman

How do you orally pleasure a woman

The best advice is for her to anticipate what is going to happen. Proceed slowly and by that – I mean REALLY slowly(don’t be aroused between your legs). Don’t start by licking her tits, ass or the main thing because you want to use your technique to orally tease a woman so she gets very excited.

🔥Start out by kissing her on the mouth gently for a while, then proceed slowly down and kiss her neck. A lot of women really are sensitive at their neck, so kiss her here for a while gently and let her anticipate things.

❤️😍Go slowly down and kiss her between (only between) the tits and kiss your way down to her belly. Work your way around on her belly and let her feel and hear you love the taste and smell of her fine belly.

😍😋Let her anticipate a bit about you kissing her tits while your kissing her belly, and move up kissing her body slowly and then kiss her tits on the bottom and work your way to the outside of the tits and kiss her tits here, not on the nipples. Proceed to her back, legs, feet and rest of body also without kissing the ass, tits and between her legs almost tantric way.

🔥💋😘The whole point about this is opening her slowly and let her desire build up. Take your time and work your way around her body by showing you desire her, and you want to eat her all over. More time spent on this will make her come faster usually and it also shows you know how to touch a woman. When you sense she really want you to kiss her tits, ass and so on you should tease her a bit by letting her think you kiss these spots but then break off and kiss somewhere else.

😘What to remember is, to show you LOVE her body, and if you fake it she is going to notice and this is not good. @dickhead256 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥