How to Choose the Best Gorilla Trekking Company


Uganda is a diverse country with endless chances of exploring its vast beauty. From the amazing and unique cultures, kind and hospitable people, the thrilling wildlife encounters with the mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions, cheetahs and so many others. Nothing can fail to enthrall you on How to Choose the Best Gorilla Trekking Company.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is one of the world’s most exclusive activities where travelers search out for the endangered apes in tracts of forested land, walking through slippery trails, just to spend one magical hour in the presence of the forest giants. It’s clearly a lifetime experience.

Whether it’s a group, family or solo tour, budget or luxury travel, there are many steps to consider when planning the best gorilla trekking safari in Uganda. You will need to book with a well travel expert to offer you the best possible experience.

How to Choose the Best Gorilla Trekking Company

With the increased number of tour and travel companies in Uganda, it’s sometimes daunting to choose the best company to travel with. However, here is a simple guide on how to choose the best gorilla trekking company in Uganda.

Remember a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda is 600 USD, so no traveler would want to spend all that just to have a flopped trip. This is what makes choosing a tour company to travel with very vital.

Reputation of the company.

Before booking with any travel company for a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, check their reviews. Note that some travelers only write reviews if something went wrong. This will help you know the whole truth about the company’s reputation. This is very vital to know, however read through very well all the reviews, one can easily recommend a company just because of eggs that were molten.

Response to the inquiry.

Whichever trip you are taking on, whether budget or luxury, a customer is the most important thing in an entity. The staff response is very crucial, if it’s via email, consider its type and convenience. The first impression is key, if you are not dealt with properly in the very start, what is likely to happen later on, maybe while in the forest trekking the gorillas?

The itinerary logic.

Booking with a tour company implies paying to get perfect experiences on your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda. The organization of the itinerary, the gorilla trekking add ons included, the quality of accommodation considered will determine whether the company you are booking with is the right one or not.

The methods of reservation and payment.

Any reliable tour operator must have a professional website or mobile app to make the reservations easier. Mailing filled forms is a bit a hectic and lacks security. When it gets to payments, they should be done online. If the company doesn’t have these, it might not be the best gorilla trekking company to book with.

The local guides.

For any trip to be awesome or broken, it’s the guide. Make sure that your gorilla trekking safari is guided by a local guide. They know all the corners and the amazing gorilla trekking add ons. This also saves you from the local community resilience. The guide should be knowledgeable with life saving techniques, travel experience as well as knowing the local language.

Nice and clear Cancellation terms.

Any perfect gorilla trekking company must have clear and flexible cancellation terms. They should be with options of refunding or permit transfer with well stated time frames. This indicates that the company has enough room for uncertainties. If it’s not flexible, better look for another company.

Remember, having a face to face encounter with the mountain gorillas is a lifetime experience that almost all travelers are looking for. And your tour operator can surely make or spoil it