How to satisfy a tall woman in bed

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How to satisfy a tall woman in bed💖

Are you dating a tall woman?🤔

Tall women are considered to be romantic when it comes to matters of love.

There is nothing as great as walking hand in hand with a tall woman. Figure out her long legs and sexy lips.

Pleasing tall women in bed can, however, be tricky. Men have to go an extra mile in order to satisfy tall women.

Here are ways to satisfy a tall woman in bed

1. Kissing:

Kissing a taller woman can be tricky. If you want to give a tall woman a kiss she will leave to remember then ask her to sit. Sitting makes it easy for the man to access her lips for that passionate kiss that will leave her yearning for more. It is also a good idea to ensure that you have brushed your teeth to remove that bad smell. 

2. Take control:

Tall women love men who take control in bed. A romantic man is one who initiates different moves. He should be aware of different foreplay tricks such as massage that will make her ran wild even before penetration.  Show her that your confidence is not determined by your physical attributes such as height but by your personality.

3. Change sex positions:

Tall women love it when their men change sex positions regularly.  There are differentb sex positions that tall women love when it comes to romance. Some of the best positions to adopt include the standing sex position, missionary, shower sex and doggy style. It is recommended to ask your partner whether she is comfortable with the sex style before you proceed. @freakyparty