Law Custodian arrested for fraud


Around February 2020, while talking to his land surveyor in the auditorium waiting for the next facilitator to show up, a one “Muwanguzi Esther a finalist student at the Law Development Centre (LDC) of Firm G-6 Kampala Campus approached her colleague and practically begged him to allow her do his land transfer business at a subsidized cost of Ugx. 1,100,000/= (one million. And one hundred thousand shillings only) so that she can get some small money to help her survive at the hectic Centre where literature notes and law books are bought at a pretty sum on a daily basis from the mushrooming photocopiers. The other surveyor, had asked for something higher than what Esther the fraudster cum suspect, was willing to do this piece of work.

Being a person with a kind heart her fellow Student accepted to allow her do the work and further promised to hand over all the required documentation to enable her effect the transfer of the said land title. He did not bring it on the said date and Muwanguzi Esther kept mounting alot of inhuman pressure on the poor student.

In the end, he handed over the said land title of land situated at Nalumunye Lower Jomayi Estates valued at not less than Ugx. 85,000,000/= (eighty five millions), duly signed transfer forms, passport photos, national identity cards for both the transferor and transferee, a release of mortgage letter from Ecumenical Church Loan Fund (ECLOF) and on this same day they both walked to Centenary Bank ATM at Ham Towers – Makerere and he handed over Ugx. 1,000,000/= (One million Shillings Only).

She did not process the transfer as earlier agreed until when the lockdown came in and around May 2020, He called to inquire about his documents and money the money. Her response was that “I have an office at Ambassador House, and the documents plus the money are safely kept in my office safe…”.

When H.E announced a partial lifting of the lockdown around June 2020, he again called her to find out about his documents since he had applied for a big loan from one of the reputable Banks in Kampala where he was to give in the said land title as security.

It was at this point that she inform him that the money for transferring his title, had been used to treat her Mother’s sickness in Hospital during the Lockdown. This did not convince him since during this period no single office was open and one wonders whether her size was then equal to that of a rat to sneak into Ambassador House to pick her Clients money for personal use, well knowing that such an act is totally against what she is being trained into i.e. The advocates (professional conduct) regulations specifically Regulation 31 (2) of the Advocates (Professional Conduct) Regulations provides that “any conduct which in the opinion of the disciplinary Committee, whether the conduct occurs in the practice of the advocate’s profession or otherwise, is unbecoming of an advocate, shall be a professional misconduct…..”.

After days he insisted on either getting a duly transferred land title into his names or to get back his documents and the money he had given to her. To his dismay he received a call from the KMP CID Commander telling him that Esther was before him asking for Police Protection so that there is no pressure to hand over documents could come from her Client (sic)!

The wise commander asked her of the offence that could be slapped against her client who gave her money, documents etc which she had failed to fulfill and she said there was no case but to only give her cover – this is the urgly side of Fraudulent Ugandans who after cheating run to Police for protection. Since the Commander personally knew the Client, he (KMP CID Commander) requested him to allow her settle her problems within two (2) weeks on humanitarian grounds which the Client painfully accepted but still she refused to hand over the land title, and this was in July 2020.

After about a month, the Commander CID KMP called her to deliver the title as she had promised to do but in her response she told him to let the Client do whatever he wanted!

This annoyed the no Nonsense Client forcing him to open up a criminal case against her at the CID Headquarters and when the investigating officer summoned her on Monday the 12th October 2020 to report to Kibuli with the Landtitle, she arrogantly told him that she could not step a foot there, that she was very well connected with big shots in government and that nothing would be done to her.

This annoyed the CID Chief at Kibuli base who ordered Wandegeya territorial commanders under which LDC falls, to ensure that the “Legal Fraudster” is arrested and arraigned before court on charges of Theft of her colleagues land title and money for justice to prevail.

Today, she had a CIVIL LITIGATION oral exam and being human enough the Officers let her in and at the time of walking out, she was arrested like a chicken thief and whisked away for detention in unknown facility – No one is indispensable!.

One wonders the kind of Attorney/Advocate this Learning Friend Esther Muwanguzi of Firm G-6 Kampala Campus will be after graduation.

Ugandan’s watch out!