Honesty I don’t know how to put all this down for meticulous reading, but because I am Agwe Solomon, rest assured I will do my best.

Yesterday 10th Jan 2019 in Adjumani Council meeting, counsellors were forced to cowardly change and defer an agenda on the order paper which was to lift the ban imposed on wanton destruction of trees.

So this morning, I in a group of brave, concerned wanainchi left for Okawa which is about 10 or more kilometres from the junction at Indriani, about 40 km from Adjumani town. At Okawa we found clear evidence of logs which had just been loaded on 18 wheeler trucks.

Scattered about an area of almost an acre were pieces of Meli-logs, barks, and marks of huge lorry tyres.

The wanainchi we found around were all drunk having intoxicated on local potent waragi. It is said that loggers buy them with bits of coins to buy their loyalty and keep them from tipping authorities.

We interviewed a group of women who told us that the loggers use tractors to tow the logs to this point because down in Kophi the roads were impassable. We took Bodaboda motorcycles and followed them to their very lair. 10 km later we disembarked and began scaling the mountainous roads, Which roads were wide about 2 meters in breadths, make me wonder how the leadership claim no knowledge of this illicit trade when such roads exist deep in the forest, makes one wonder how a district with a General as MP, with spy network all over claims no knowledge of these numerous tracks made by loggers, the same with the LCV, his vice..etc.

We proceeded on foot for additional 5km before we heard a sound of a motorized sawer on our left. We took shortcut through the thickets and came at the loggers just as a giant Meli-tree was crushing down thunderously after having been sawed. We surrounded the loggers and confiscated their equipment including a tractor with chains and engine still running. The loggers confessed that most of them were new but hired by a lady called *Keliki Kevin Azaa* sister to *Moyo MP Tom Azaa.* They told us that she was actually available in one of the other sites.

A group rushed ahead to stop them before another Meli found it demise in the hands of these heartless people.

Surely they found her and many other gangs in a glade, an open space with a Land cruiser 2 wagon parked nearby.

When she saw *Amanzuru William* the lead activist for *Friends of Zoka* and recognized him, she went bonkers, throwing all form of tantrums.

*She promised to kill William* on spot saying it was an easy thing for her, she claimed that she had spoken with the RDC and the DPC, and were assured there was no team visiting the place, because of that she said, she was going to *kill William* and no one would know. Just then we popped into scene and advised William to board a motorcycle to avoid temptation since the woman was all out to provoke a physical fight.

When William boarded, she ran to her vehicle and made to run over the cyclists, but failed because the rider quickly went round a tree and the vehicle came short from ramming itself on the tree.

I and some guys jumped on the impounded tractor and began heading back.

Somewhere near pakele after Bira health center we came across *Kevin Keliki Azaa* in the land cruiser parked directly in the Middle of the road, the tractor driver didn’t stop instead sidestepped and drove past, she turned her vehicle round and began pursuing us, again she overtook us and blocked the road using her car, this time we were forced to stop. We saw her come out of her car with a *bottle of petrol and a matchbox* she made to throw the petrol on us but we lifted off quickly and ran away. She had two young men with her whom she encouraged to chase us claiming that she would pay them even if we got killed…

To continue.

*Narrative By Agwee Solomon*

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