It was a hot summer night, the only sound in the air was cicadas and repetitive sound of squelching as I penetrated myself with my fingers. Tonight was the only night my mother would be gone and my step father, Kyle would be home soon. I knew how Kyle saw me, the way he looked at me. He wanted more than just having me as a step daughter.

I was making myself wetter and wetter when I heard the door open. I quickly hid myself under the covers, wanting a dramatic show when he came in. I was only in my Calvin Klein underwear and was slowly making a rather wet spot on the bed from feeling myself.

Kyle looked at me and said, “You’re still up?” I could see his eyes watch me carefully.

I slowly pushed away the covers, revealing my body. I could see Kyle’s face go blank. To enforce the dramatic reveal I gently massaged my throbbing nipples. “Come here…” I said slowly. “I know you want some…” I looked at Kyle’s pants and sure enough they were tight around his crotch.

Kyle walked over like a goat to the slaughter. I spread my legs and laughed. “I’m not a virgin, no need to be shy!” The way he looked so timid and unsure turned me on. Suddenly he snapped out of his daze and expertly slithered in between my legs, slowly forcing them down with his big hands.

I was surprised. One second he was Mr. Unsure and now he was Mr. Dominating. I could feel his bulge line up with my wet panties. He started to methodically rub his bulge up and down my swollen slit. He took my hands and pinned them above my head, groaning, “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for his.” He put a little more pressure to his slow grinding and pawed at my breast.

Not being able to take it anymore, I flipped him over, straddling on top. “Someone’s in a hurry,” he commented, but I could feel his excitement through his pants. I unzipped his pants and took out his warm member. I rubbed it in my hands earning another low groan of pleasure. As I gently played with his toy it gradually became even stiffer. I took his member and then positioned myself over it. I carefully slipped my underwear to the side, not wanting to take them off because it felt even more sexy with them on than off.

I slowly lowered myself. I felt his soft head touch my wet opening. The sensation gave me shivers, a slow burning sensation rising in my stomach. Once I slipped the head in I gently shoved the long shaft in. The feeling was incredible, as his warm member slowly filled me. It almost tickles, being so sensitive down there. I felt so full and he was only half way in me.

I began to ride him up and down, worried that the rest of his cock would hurt. I felt his member gripping the walls, slowly entering and leaving. The slow moving made me wetter, as the shaft’s friction gained speed. I put my hands on Kyle’s chest trying to steady myself. I had never felt so nervous and excited. Kyle grabbed my hips, helping me along the way. I could feel a bit of precum leak into me. He held onto me, groaning as his stiff member was being pleasures. As I grinded into him I began to feel more comfortable. Going faster made my walls go crazy. I let out some kind of animal like noise on complete accident.

I looked at Kyle expecting him to be weirded out, but his eyes were filled with lust. Kyle, not being able to stand it anymore, flipping me over. I gave a shriek of surprise and then another gasping squeal as I felt Kyle enter me, thrusting every bit of himself into me. It felt so strange, I had never had anything as big or long before. “I want you so badly,” Kyle moaned in my ear. I let out a whimper in reply, still comprehending how deep he was.

Kyle grabbed my two breast and massaged them, letting out another loud moan. He was pounding me so hard I let out a Yelp of submission. “F-faster!” I cried, grasping onto Kyle. He let out a hiss as I dug my nails into his skin. I bit my lip, trying not to cry from the extreme pleasure he was giving me. I began to tremble under him as his fast pumping made me feel weak and so alive at the same time.

The friction and momentum was making my head spin.

All I felt was my wall slowly climaxing… Climaxing… “I-I’m going to–” I didn’t even have to say it for Kyle to realize what was happening.

He pounded me faster, my body arching to meet his member. The intense pleasure went from medium to slowly higher and higher. I tensed my muscle around his member as I tightened my legs. What finally threw me into spasms was his member twitching and stiffening up as he groaned. I felt hot liquid shoot into me, coating my insides and making me feel twice as overheated. I could feel the thick overload of his shot spilling out, mixed with my thinner liquid. I kept squirting out my liquid along with his thick white cum. I could feel him twitching inside me, occasionally squirting some left over juice into my overflowing walls. Kyle slowly pumped in and out of me, my walls feeling sore.

He took out his member, it was wet and swollen. Kyle stuck in a finger, slowly feeling his way around the mess. I groaned from the feel. Encouraged he stuck in another finger, pumping back and forth. His fingers expertly rubbed my swollen clit while also digging at my g-spot. I gave a slight squeal when he pressed. Some leftover fluids squirted out onto his hands. I looked down at his cock. Instead of getting smaller I saw it getting excited again. “Mom doesn’t get home until tomorrow…” I said slowly. I was slightly sore but at the same time I wanted more. I stood up to face Kyle.

Kyle gently pushed me to a wall. “Did I mention how tempting you are?” He whispered in my head, his hands on either side of me. “I don’t know what you do, but you make me want you so bad…” The way he said it made me wet. I bit my lip and said, “I guess that makes two of us…”

He studied my face and then without warning thrust his cock into me a second time. Still wet from before it glided in easily. Kyle pushed me up against the wall, his weight pushing on me. He thrust upwards, jabbing his large member at me. I would have fell had Kyle not been there to hold me up. His moans in my ears made me weak. “K-Kyle…” I whispered as I felt him engulfing me. I felt so vulnerable up against the wall.

“Say my name louder,” Kyle commanded. He slowed down, his cock slipping out of me. He rubbed it against my pussy, teasing me. “Don’t be shy.” He added on.

I whimpered, the burning feeling of his cock just teasing me made me annoyed. “K-Kyle…!” I tried again, not much louder than the first time. Kyle began to massage my nipple. My mind was going crazy. “KYLE!” I shrieked loudly as Kyle bit my lip roughly.

“That’s my girl!” Kyle grunted, pushing back his huge member into my sore pocket. I groaned, trying to match his movement. There was no sound except the sound of skin slapping against each other and occasional moans of lust. Kyle flipped me around, grabbing my waist and pulling me close to his pelvis. I had never been in this position before. I could feel his testicles slap against me, turning me on. I put my hands on the wall to steady us.

I could feel the same climax coming, except faster without warning and much stronger. “Kyle!” I tried to warn. Kyle grabbed me tighter shoving all he had into me. I bent my legs, trembling at the powerful feel. I suddenly felt a strong sensation that caused me to tighten up all my muscle. I let out a small shriek as I came. As my spasms and throbbing overtook me I began to squirm uncontrollably in Kyle’s grasp. It turned Kyle on, causing him to fire sticky sweet semen into me.

The hot liquid touching me caused me to tremble under Kyle. It once again spilled out onto the floor and all over Kyle. Silly random fact, I had just noticed Kyle was still in his work clothes. Not that I minded something about him being clothed but still aggressive and sexy made the experience better. Cum was now all over my legs and underwear as Kyle pulled out, his member dripping from the explosion.

Kyle pushed me to the wall kissing me passionately. “That wasn’t so bad…” I mumbled against his lips. I could feel cum running down my legs. Who knew the man had such thick white cum. I could still see some desire in him. “Not bad at all. But I think I need to shower now…”

I blinked at him, mildly clueless and still dazed. “Okay?”

Kyle slipped his member back into his wet pants. He smirked at me as he walked to the door. “If you’re not too tired, you should think about joining.” He winked at me before closing the door on me.

I smiled. This was going to be a sleepless night.