Police have recovered dozens of car number plates from a garage located in Kisenyi Parish, Kampala District

*Police have recovered dozens of car number plates from a garage located in Kisenyi Parish, Kampala District*

According to police, the garage was being used by thieves to dismantle stolen motor vehicles.

The car parts and scrap would then be sold to unsuspecting buyers in various shops.

The raid, followed information about a stolen commuter taxi Reg. No. UAQ 723E that was being dismantled in the garage.

Police Flying Squad officers who were dispatched to the garage last evening, recovered the vehicle in the garage but its engine and tyres were missing.

During the search, 27 sets of number plates were recovered. The recovered number plates include; UAK 693L, UAP 246U, UAL 547B, UAM 866H, UAJ 029B, UAN 270S, UAM 912Q, UAL 739D, UAM 597U, UAP 869H, UAL 883H, UAH 334M, UAH 024M, UAM 508A, UAP 708X, UAM605G, UAP 928S, UAR 234U, UAL O23U, UAM 234F, UAM 961A, UAR 703E.

While the above were a pair of number plates police was also recovered single plates that included UAL 833B, UAL 245W, UAR 583M and UAL 159H.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Mr Patrick Onyango said the recovered number plates are being scrutinised to check whether they are not of reported stolen motor vehicles.

“We have records of stolen vehicles. We will compare and see if they are the ones. They owners of the plates can also come to police to make statements,” Mr Onyango said.

Two suspects who were arrested during the raid, have been detained.

Police records based on more than 5-years of stolen motor vehicle search and recovery indicate that while new motor vehicles that are stolen are sold in Kenya, DR Congo and South Sudan, old motor vehicles that are stolen are usually dismantled into spare parts and scrap and sold.

Last year, police recovered seven stolen motor vehicles hidden in different garages in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono districts.