Sex positions for people with belly fat

Sex positions for people with belly fat.

The woman on top:

This is perfect especially if both of you are a bit heavy in the midsection. This position also gives her control of how deep you penetrate. And all you have to do is lie down and watch the erotic show. You can also touch her, caress her breasts or even hold her by the buttocks or waist to help her move for maximum pleasure.

How to do it.

Lie on your back and place a few pillows to pillows just under your buttocks (this is to raise your hips to allow for deeper penetration) and have your woman sit on top of you as you penetrate her. Here are a few more sex positions for amazing sex.

Reverse cowgirl:

This is just like the woman on top position, but with a twist. The woman sits on you with her back facing you. Again a position that helps turn the heat on without any discomfort, the reverse cowgirl gives you the leeway to touch and tickle her back as she takes control of the situation.

How to do it.

Performed the same way as the woman on top, have your lady straddle you with her facing away from you.

The Reverse Cowgirl also helps to reduce the fat tummy

This is a position in which the lady is the one that basically has to do all the work. She is on top of her man, and she can dictate the tempo of her own sexual pleasure.
It’s a great workout for her abs, her calves and her leg muscles. It’s no wonder that her legs are hard as a rock. That’s right, this beats the gym every time.

Missionary modified:

Love having sex in the missionary position but can’t? Well, here’s the solution — the missionary modified. In this position, your body is not directly above your lady as you penetrate her. Instead, you are kneeling as she is lying down. What’s great is the fact that you can hold her legs, caress her buttocks and even watch her as she quivers with the pleasure you are providing her. Here’s how to do the regualr missionary position.

How to do it.

Have your lady lie down and spread her legs. Now enter her as you kneel and ask her to rest her legs on your shoulders. You could also hold her ankles and caress them as you thrust. To increase pleasure have her place a pillow just below her back so that her vaginal opening is slightly raised off from the bed to allow for easier and deeper penetration.

Doggy style:

A hot favourite, the doggy style is a great sex position if you both have belly fat. Not only is this position vey erotic, but it also allows you to stimulate her clitoris as you have some trusting fun

How to do it.

Have your lady kneel on all fours. Step behind her and penetrate her. You could hold her waist or buttocks to intensify the trusting action. Stroking her back, her breasts or even stimulating her clitoris as you thrust is a great way to heat things up.

Doggy style also breaks the fat tummy😚

This is the perfect sex position for burning fat. Not only is it extremely sexual, and it can bring both the man and the woman to an unforgettable and extreme orgasm, but it’s also good cardio.
It helps her build core, glutes and arms. This is definitely a way to go instead of hitting the gym.

Adult content Uganda:
The 71:

This position is great if both of you have tummies that are not flat and tend to get in the way. One of the best parts of this position is that it helps deepen penetration, hits the G-spot and gives you the freedom to feel and caress your woman as you both have sex.

How to do it.

Ask your lady love to lie on her side and crouch as is in the foetal position. She can even stick her legs out straight in front of her such that she makes the number 7 with her body, exposing her buttocks and vaginal opening. Now you kneel where her legs bend, and enter her.