Sex positions that enable you to her buttocks.

Sex positions that enable you to her buttocks.

In this section, you can find the positions, which allows a man holding woman’s buttocks. It will be a huge neglect on behalf of the man if he misses the possibility to “mash” his female partner’s buttocks in the process of sex, as it is another sensitive zone of his mistress, as he can be mashing, massaging, stroking and in that way he can make his female partner even more excited. Some women will not be against if in the process of active sexual intercourse the man starts slapping slightly her buttocks. Other women like, when the male partner just takes her buttocks and moves them in rhythm with penetrations of his penis into her vagina. That is when you have a possibility to caress your female partner’s buttocks, don’t refuse making that, as their additional stimulation is another kind of preludes which you can actively use during sex and in this way you can present your female partner new emotions. If you are holding buttocks of your mistress’ while having sex, it will excite her even more, and you will get real pleasure.


Play your woman’s body like the harp. In this position, the male partner will be able to penetrate the woman’s vagina as deep as possible and stroke her breasts at the same time. The woman lies on her side at armrest of the sofa, bending her arm and leg to support her lifted body. She raises the second, straight leg and throws it on the man’s shoulder. The man kneels so that girl’s bent leg is between his thighs. He grabs her raised leg by the shin. The lovers hold each other by the hips and buttocks throughout the sexual intercourse.


It is a pleasurable upgrade of the celebrated Doggy style. For the girl, it’s a chance just to enjoy the action, which includes an opportunity for G-spot stroking. For guys, it offers a magnificent view and control over the speed and penetration depth. The woman gets on her knees on the edge of the bed, her breasts touch the surface. She puts her head on her arms and spreads the legs apart. The man attaches himself between the legs of his partner, he rests his knees on the bed. He strokes her buttocks and moves them back and forth, helping himself to penetrate deeper and deeper into her hot tunnel. @dickhead256