Sexiest Things To Do When Kissing On Her Stomach

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Sexiest Things To Do When Kissing On Her Stomach😍🔥

Every girl likes a kiss on her stomach. But the little things you do as you do that will go a long way in making her yours forever and over!

Whenever a man is in bed with his woman, it is his solemn duty to make sure that he does everything right. As the boyfriend, you need to understand that every woman is different. And from that matter, you ought to approach every single detail with care as well as mettle. That way, you can definitely apply the kisses and caresses on her stomach perfectly and effectively. You also need to know the parts of the body that your girlfriend likes to be kissed and touched. If you are just starting out the relationship, you need to be the boyfriend who isn’t afraid to experiment a little. Try focusing on her stomach and pay attention to how she reacts. If she likes it, good, if she doesn’t, you can always find other ways to please her in bed.

1. Mix kissing her stomach with groping.

I may not be a licensed love guru, but I happen to know a thing or two about the positive effects of groping the woman you love the right way. While you are spontaneously working your tongue on her stomach, make sure your hands are groping and gently squeezing her butt. To make the sensation even better, try alternating the squeezing and the kisses on her stomach. Also, be confident in everything that you are doing, even if you aren’t sure about it. The squeezes ought to be very gentle and loving if you are to achieve the desired effect. You are squeezing a nice, juicy butt, not draining a packet of milk of its contents!

2. Dirty talk as you kiss her stomach

By now, you ought to have known that your girl loves some dirty talking while she is in bed her boyfriend – you. So, it is necessary for you to get updated in that department if you want to make things work out perfectly for the two of you. First things first, you have to make sure that the stage is set (as well will talk about in a jiffy). As you kiss her on her stomach, make sure that you are rubbing her sides gently as you dirty talk. If you do this right, she will respond by getting super wet or start moaning for you – or both. That said, always strive to make that kiss on her stomach worth your while by sneaking in some dirty talk.

3. Kiss and nibble her stomach

Girls love guys who spoil them with just the right amount of nibbling. Well, nibbling is sexy, especially when it’s accompanied by a kiss or two on her stomach. Remember, there is a big difference between a nibble and a bite – and you are expected to know all about that by now! Take your time while nibbling because your girl isn’t really going anywhere! When the nibbling is done in a hurry (probably because you want to get up in her goodies), you might end up ruining the buildup. And this means starting from square one. Patience is key especially when it comes to the kissing and nibbling her in the tummy theory – if we can call it that.

4. Boob massages

Boob massages are perfect especially when she is lying in bed facing upwards. This is also the perfect position for you to make her eyes roll to the back of her head with a few, nice kisses on her stomach. And as you are kissing her tummy, catch her by surprise by stretching your hands and massaging her nice, sensitive boobs. And as you do this, remember that the operative word here is sensitive. Therefore, go easy and make sure that the boobs are feeling as good as the kisses on her belly! You are her boyfriend, so take charge of the kissing, touching and massaging and ensure that you are doing well.

5. Finger her

The good thing about smooching her on her stomach is that your hands are free to move about. You should, therefore, get creative and put them to good use. For instance, you can slide your fingers into her cookie jar and give her pleasure from within. If she isn’t wet enough for the fingering, feel free to smear some generous amount of lube on your index finger before penetration. Oh, also make sure that your fingernails are cut short and filed blunt.

6. Alternating kisses and licks

Never be afraid of taking things to the next level whenever you are in bed with your girlfriend. If anything, she expects you to take charge as her boyfriend. Therefore, you should never let her down not even for a sloppy second. Always be patient and make sure that you are licking her as gently as possible. Give her that amazing sensation that is sure to drive her crazy. That said, you might want to check out some tutorials on YouTube on how to properly lick up her cookie jar. You can also choose to alternate the kisses, licks and fingering in a bid to give your girl maximum pleasure.

7. Body shots on her stomach😍

Always feel free to get a little creative with that simple kiss on her stomach. You can get a bottle of whiskey or vodka – depending on your personal preference – and pour a little shot in her belly button. Then lick it up while kissing her passionately. The ticklish sensation on her stomach is not only fun, but it’ll definitely go a long way in making her wet and ready for you. The truth of the matter is that there are many tricks you can pull on her stomach with your mouth that will leave her horny and begging for you. But you need to make sure that she is okay with body shots before proceeding with it. The body shots will be much more fun when both of you are a tad tipsy. You know, anything that involves alcohol is better done when all parties are indulging. That’s just how it goes!

8. Pin her down

Every girl fantasizes about having a boyfriend who pins her on the bed while making love to her. So, if you aren’t that kind of boyfriend, then you need to learn how to make this a reality for her. When you do this right, you’ll almost always make her wet. Just make sure you are passionately kissing her around the navel area of the stomach as you pin her down. Just make sure she is comfortable before pulling this stunt. You can also pin her unexpectedly – all depending on how well you know your girlfriend. Do this, and your relationship will never be the same again!

9. Smell nice

Women have a knack for noticing even the tiniest bits of detail. So, whenever you are planning on kissing her on her stomach, make sure that you smell nice. A proper scent will make her respond well to your touches, kisses, and advances in general. And if you can follow that up with perfectly placed kisses on her stomach after that, she will never leave you for another man.

10. Be shirtless

Men aren’t the only visual creatures in the world. Women too are attracted to what they see. Needless to say, they love to see their boyfriends shirtless whenever they are in bed. A shirtless boyfriend will allow her fantasist side to kick in, making the kisses on her stomach unbearably hot. And if she enjoys the kisses on her stomach, then you will most certainly be the sole beneficiary of the tsunami of love that’s about to hit you. You might also want to do some gym work. The point is to make her desire that firm, strong body of yours every time you go topless.

11. Set the mood first

Don’t make the mistake of stripping her down and immediately planting kisses on her stomach. Learn the art of patience and gradualism. You can start by cooking her dinner then moving to prepare her a hot bath. Hell, be the gentleman and throw in a deep tissue massage that you’ve been secretly practicing. And once she is ready, go ahead and bless her with sensual kisses her on her tummy. Feel free to dim the lights and some soothing music playing in the background wouldn’t really hurt her soul.

12. Be confident
Confidence is everything! That’s all you need to know. Oh, and you are welcome by the way

13. Hold and squeeze her hand

Girls want to be reassured by their boyfriends especially when they are in bed. So, holding her hand as you kiss her stomach and gently squeezing it from time to tie will make her trust and love you more. Don’t believe me? How about trying it out today and end up thanking me? Again!

14. Kiss her stomach passionately
Love and passion are mutually exclusive. If you cannot make her feel loved when you are in bed, kissing her stomach and doing all the above won’t make any sense or add up to anything. In my village, we call that zero work. Be committed to what you are doing and show her that you are enjoying kissing her stomach. Never slack even for and be happy with the work of your hands. Again, you can always learn a couple of new tricks that’ll make bedtime something your girlfriend looks forward to.

15. Tease her
If you want your girl never to leave you or entertain the idea of having another guy as a boyfriend, learn the art of unpredictability. So, when she is expecting that kiss on the stomach while in bed, go ahead and do something totally different and unexpected. Keep her guessing which part of her stomach you are going to kiss next, and it will drive her crazy.