Tension Flare In Kihihi As Security Pick More Kidnappers of American Tourist, Money Changer, Wife Arrested

*Tension Flare In Kihihi As Security Pick More Kidnappers of American Tourist, Money Changer, Wife Arrested*

Tension has engulfed Kihihi town in Kanungu district after joint security forces continued to crack down on individuals suspected to have participated in the kidnap of American tourist and her tour guide.

According to a trusted security source, the latest to be arrested by security in the ongoing operation is businessman identified as Adam Maniraguha popularly known as Man.

Maniraguha who is a money lender also operates a forex bureau known as Kinkizi Financial services located along Zabandora Street in Kihihi trading center.

He is reported to have been arrested alongside his wife and the entire workers at his forex bureau.

A security source told this website that the American tourist Kimberly Sue a day before her kidnap had exchanged USD 8000 from Maniraguha’s forex bureau.

It’s is said that when Kimberly wanted exchange for 8000 Maniraguha did not have the money and asked his friend to raise the amount.

It is suspected that that’s how it leaked that she had money and sinister plans to get it or more through kidnap started.

His arrest also follows yesterday arrest of three more suspects also trading from Kihihi town.

They include Akimu Tumwebaze, Denis Kyarisima and another one only identified as Yoweri.

They have since been flown to Kampala for better squeezing.

Akimu and Kyarisima are said to be renowned smugglers and illegal ivory dealers in Kihihi who also deal in buying and selling dried fish from Lake Kyoga to Congolese in the Democratic republic of Congo.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga in a statement this afternoon said security is currently conducting raids and searches in Kanungu district where the suspects were arrested and the neigbouring areas.

Kimberly Sue and Jean Paul Mirenge were kidnapped on April 2nd while on a game ride in the Queen Elizabeth National Park and the kidnappers started using one of their phones to demand for a ransom of US $ 500,000 which is equivalent to Ugx 1.8 bn.

Sue and Remezo were later recovered unharmed in good health after five days and was handed over to her embassy in Kampala by the Inspector General of police Martin Okoth Ochola