The 6 sensitive places to kiss and arouse her durings sex

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The 6 sensitive places to kiss and arouse her durings sex…..

1. Start from the head.

Kissing the neck and nape of the head is really sensitive. Of course, you want to be sure that you’re doing it in a sensual and gentle way not like a hungry dog. You can massage the scalp as you do it and this will work best say when the lady is seated on you on a couch or on the bed. Mix these nape and neck kisses with ear kisses. Is it just me or can being kisses in the ears take you into some sort of trance? Less saliva more breath and licking. Keep your hands active as you kiss her. You could massage her inner thighs or gently rub her back as you kiss her

2. Once you’re done with the neck move on to her collarbone and breasts.

Okay guys, sucking on breasts is not such a nice feeling as you assume maybe for you but for some women, the breasts are not that sensitive. However, if you try and lick the side of the breasts towards the armpits, my oh now that’s quite something. Lick and kiss one breast with your full lips as you gently caress the other breast. Go easy on the nipple please, easy on the pinching, pressing and flicking. Again, more tongue and lips here.

Alternate the licking of the breasts with kissing the collarbone area which is also very sensitive.

3. Now onto the navel area.

It’s said that the navel is one of the top erogenous spots in a woman. In fact, some women have claimed to get clitoral stimulation from their navels being licked. But, don’t start immediately on the navel (hopefully she cleans it cause navels can be very dirty and stinky) kiss and lick the stomach area around the navel and gently alternate that with the navel. You can move down towards the pubic area but pace yourself, we are not yet there…

4. Turn her around.

Has someone ever kissed your spine? Up and down? Now that’s what’s up! Gently massage her back as you lick and kiss her spine and lower back. Make those kisses slightly wet and don’t forget to keep your hands active either by caressing her breasts, massaging her scalp, inner thighs or simply touching her back gently with your finger tips as you kiss her spine and lower back.

5. We are almost there…on to her hands and feet.

Believe it or not, hands are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Even a single touch on your hands when done right can get you feeling some typa way. Our hands are dense with nerves and that make them extremely sensitive. Suck her index finger and alternate with all fingers. Gently suck and lick on them as you give her an intense look in the eye. Depending on the hygiene situash, you could kiss and lick her feet too. But hey for this, the person needs to be well groomed. I’m definitely not putting a weird stinky foot in my mouth lol and neither should you

6. Finally, go in on all the other erogenous parts,

like giving her the rim job and cunnilingus of her life, starting with the inner thighs of course, and when it’s time…you have the greenlight.

Now, go carpe diem. @freakyparty