The bad side of rough sex

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The bad side of rough sex

Don’t get carried away
Rough sex, just the way it sounds, is rough. You’re dealing with sensitive body parts here, do remember to be gentle while playing in the hay. As they say, never do anything that you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics.
Uncontrolled rough sex can leave a guy broken and a girl bruised. Here are a few cautions you need to keep in mind.

#1 Broken penis.
If a girl sits down heavily or the guy aggressively penetrates deep, this is definitely possible.

#2 Penetrating too deep in a hurried motion can damage a girl’s cervix which can lead to bleeding or bruising.

#3 It’s difficult to control ejaculation and orgasms while having rough sex

#4 Your protection can get damaged while doing the rough nasty.

#5 Tears in the vaginal walls due to aggressive rough sex.
If you notice any painful swellings or bleeding after rough sex, consult your doctor, especially if the symptoms last for more than a couple of days.

Communicate your desires
Rough sex is a lot of fun. It’s aggressive, wild, passionate and steamy. But too much of a good thing always makes everything bad. Use rough sex to mix in with other kinds of kinky sex. 

And if there’s something about rough sex you don’t like, or if a particular scenario in bed scares you, talk to your lover about it. Rough sex should be a passionate escape for both of you, not just for one selfish partner.
Have a code word to know when to stop, so both of you know when things get out of hand while having rough sex. But as long as you keep the cautions in mind, go on out there and have the wildest rough sex ever!