The Best SEX Positions While In Clothes


Although there’s nothing quite like having sex with skin-to-skin contact, sometimes certain circumstances call for keeping your clothes on during sex. Having a quickie is one such example, as is having sex in an elevator, in a bar bathroom, in a restaurant coat closet, the car, in an alley way on the way home from a bar ― you know, basically any and all public sex places. As much as you may want to strip down to your bare ass for elevator sex, it’s rarely a good idea. Unless, of course, you’re in an abandoned building where no one uses the elevator, but then would you really want to do that? Like what if the elevator gets stuck, your phone dies, and then you have to decide who’s going to eat who to survive? No fun.

But my point is, there are times when it’s just best to keep your clothes when it comes to having sex. There’s also an element of hotness there, too: You’re clothed, but you’re getting it on, and it just feels good, like you’re getting away with something. Seriously. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

So the next time you want to get it on, but know you should keep your clothes on, here are seven sex positions you can totally pull off and still thoroughly enjoy.

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Doggy Style

How to do it: All you have to do is get on your hands and knees while your partner penetrates you from the back.

Why you can keep your clothes on:Again, for a male partner, it’s just a matter of taking his penis out of his pants. For women, this is actually going to work best if you’re wearing a dress or skirt. I mean, you could pull your pants down to your ankles, which still counts as keeping them on, but considering where your partner needs to be ― between your legs ― they could get in the way. Or they could just kneel on your pants, I suppose..

What it’s great for: G-spot stimulation. But you can also add a toy or your hand to stimulate your clit in this position as well.

X Marks The Spot

How to do it: First of all, X Marks the Spot requires a bed or a table on which the woman can lay. Then she raises and crosses her legs, resting them on her partner’s chest while they penetrate her from a standing position

Why you can keep your clothes on: As is bound to be the case for all of these positions, the male partner just needs to unzip and pull out his penis. The woman just needs to lay back and either remove just her underwear or, again, pull it to the side. In this position, if you want to keep your clothes on, it works for skirts, dresses, and pants, because your legs aren’t spread so pants don’t get in the way of being penetrated.

What it’s great for: Deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.