The Best Way to Fuck a LADY

1. Look deep into her eyes and make
sure you
dont shy away.

2. Hold her to zero distance.
Make sure your chest gets in touch
with her Boobs and feel the warmth
from it.

3. Give her a wet deep kiss.
Then whisper to her “You are so
Kiss her again and tell her “I love you

4. Go on and Start romancing.
Hold her boobs.
Caress them softly and Suck Her
Nipples Till They Are Erect .

5.She will start breathing so fast, Feel
Her Breath As You Kiss Her Neck.

6. Caress Her From Head to Toe.
Suck Her Tongue And Let Her Lips
Turn Red As A Result Of Deep Kissing.

7. Now Slowly pull down her Panty
And Let Her Lie On the Bed As You
Spread Her Legs.
Start Eating Her Pussy.
Lick It So Well Untill She She Moans
And Sheds Tears.
At this point she will yearn for Your
dick but DON’T rush.

8. Now Remove Your Dick and Pass it
her body to areas like Her Boobs,
Neck, ears, stomach and Then
eventually down her thighs.

9. Insert 1cm of Your Dick in her
Eventually pull it out and rub Your
dick on her
clit which will force her to bring out
the juices.
The juices help to smoothen the path
for the dick For Easy Fucking.

10. Start Fucking her Slowly as You
Make Eye Contact With Her.
You can Hold Her Boobs And Kiss Her
Lips As Well.

11. Now You Can Spread Her legs Well
and Fuck the hell out of her Till She
Shouts out Your Name.
Men If You Fuck Her Like That Believe
Me She Will Remember You For The
Rest Of Her Life ! ! @dickhead256