The top 4 things women can’t stand during sex

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The top 4 things women can’t stand during sex

Every woman is different when it comes to matters sex.

This entails what they do like and what they don’t like. If you’ve always wondered or aren’t too sure if you’re doing it right then hopefully this new survey will give you some insight on just that.

Relationship site,, surveyed five thousand people on modern relationships and mating rituals in order to try and find out where exactly people are going wrong.

Among their findings was the top four things that women secretly do not like in bed and they include:

Making weird noises in bed

Odd noises in bed tend to turn a woman off

Women do not like it when a penis is too small

Yes, openly size doesn’t matter but secretly it just might for some women. There are other ways to get her off though without necessarily having penetrative sex.

Oh and try and avoid missionary if you have a small penis because it won’t be doing too much for her. Sorry.

Switching positions too quickly or too often

Switching sex positions every two minutes kind of kills the mojo. Also worth the mention is common sex positions like doggy style and missionary aren’t making the top of the favorite list.

This is because women don’t feel like they are intimate enough for them to get an orgasm.

Premature ejaculation

Women can’t stand it when their partner ejaculates too quickly. No need to worry if you fall victim to this because premature ejaculation is more common than you may think. @freakyparty