Top 8 Reasons why Ladies love Cucumber – Expert

*Top 8 Reasons why Ladies love Cucumber – Expert*

Cucumber is a great fruit. I just don’t know why many people really d on’t like it much, especially ladies.

So here are a couple of reasons which hopefully will change your minds about the lovely long multifunctional and widely advantageous fruit.

*Health advantages*: Duh, does this even need to be discussed? From the fact that they contain water hence helps hydration to the vitamins the give, helps fight toxins, great for cancer patients, helps lose weight etc. Look, cucumbers are great and I doubt there is one nutritionist out there that will make an argument against cucumber (except the ones that have a chronic case of bad belly)

*Cheap*: Unlike pineapples, apples and the likes, cucumbers are cheap. You can get one medium-sized cucumber for as low as Shs 1000 . You don’t have to break your purse going out or having to go on dates with the hope that the guy will give you his cucumber. My Sister, just go to Mama Nakalema down the road and get one. No sweat.

*Availability*: You don’t have to go far to get a cucumber. Sure there is that bachelor neighbour that is always doing shakara because he has a lifetime supply of cucumbers or your best friend always taunting you with tales of how her boyfriend gives her cucumber. Buy yours. And unlike “seedless grapes” you don’t have to go to the abroad to get them. Just remember Mama Nakalema has quality ones

*Fun sized*: Have you seen watermelons or breadfruits? Huge things that are big and difficult to carry. Even eggplants have nothing on the size of cucumbers. They are sleek and can be hidden from those nosy friends that love to borrow any and everything. They can even get to hard-to-reach areas including those places eggplants can’t touch. Cool huh?

*They Fit in your bag*: Remember how you were at that party at The HUB Lounge and everyone was served except you? If you had a cucumber in your bag, you could have just enjoyed it in your room and you wouldn’t have gone to bed thirsty [sorry meant hungry] while listening to your friend in the next room eat.

*They Fill You Up*: Cucumbers don’t leave you hungry once you know what size does it for you and you get them. You just wash them up and get started with them.

*No Heartbreaks*: Cucumbers don’t break hearts, they are reliable and will always be available to satisfy your thirst or hunger whenever you get hungry. No need to call anyone to bring food and the person does not come or gives the food to someone else leading to you becoming heartbroken – and hungry.

*They can be shared*: What’s better than eating cucumbers? Sharing them with your girlfriends. Do I even need to explain this?

Source: Medical expert

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