Top Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You That You Can’t Miss

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Top Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You That You Can’t Miss

You will catch her staring at you often
One of the most obvious signs
Whenever you happen to look her way, you catch her staring at you. While you might not notice the first few times, it will dawn on you eventually. Initially, she might look away the moment you catch her staring at you. A woman who stares at you all the time is obviously telling you that she is attracted to you. You might catch her checking you out. She might be fantasizing about you all the time. You can easily make out whether she is sexually interested in you if you catch her checking you out more than twice or thrice.

If a woman is attracted towards you she will smile at you often

Now that’s a sweet gesture😋
An interested woman will smile at you often in order to start the relationship on a sweet note. Smiling often is a sign that she likes you. It could also mean that perhaps you could start a conversation with her. You should take a hint from her smile and go ahead and make small talk with her.

Does she try to touch you often?

One of the most definite signs of a sexually attracted woman

A woman who is attracted to you will try to touch you whenever she gets a chance. She might shake hands often, give you a high five often, or try to touch you accidentally often. Grab the opportunity before it’s too late. Do you find someone rubbing your leg under the table?

She blushes a lot whenever you talk to her

That’s kind of sweet
You notice that the pitch and tone of her voice change whenever you make any conversation with her. She also blushes a lot. Is she feeling shy? Is she nervous in your presence? What does that mean? You might also notice that her pupils dilate when she talks to you. That is just her internal emotional turmoil and excitement reflecting on her face.

Does she laugh at all your jokes?

She is giving you signs

A woman who’s attracted to you will laugh at all your jokes and humorous expressions just to convey to you that she really likes you and finds you really funny. That is a good sign.

The woman looks at your lips quite often

Invitation for a kiss?

If she is sexually attracted towards you, she might fantasize about kissing you often. She looks at your lips often to think and re-think about the moment when you will kiss her. Women can convey oodles of messages via their body language. You just need to read them correctly!