Use These Tips To make Him Enjoy His Birthday

Ladies Learn From this,When you want to give a birthday present to your Bae, Don’t rush for expensive stuff or Materialistic things πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Give him Good sex

1. Make it all about the birthday boy.
 Show your guy that today is all about him. Cook him dinner naked, or just prance around in yourbirthday suit while he waits in bed for you to seduce him. No matter what you actually do, let him know that you just want to please him. Don’t worry, he’ll be dying to reciprocate when your b-day rolls around. 

2. Get him an escort. (Spoiler alert: You’re the escort.)

 Reserve a room for the two of you and get there first, all dressed up like a, erm, classy lady of the night. Get a sexy wig that’s a totally different color and style from your own hair and wear the skimpiest outfit you can findβ€”the idea is to really transform yourself into a completely different woman. When he finds you in the room at the time you designate, he’ll be shocked to find who appears to be another chick in your place and the two of you will soon be having hot, you-look-like-a-stranger sex.

3. Try something new. 

Delve into a more taboo act, like anal sex, that you’ve never experienced together. You’ll both get to step out of your routine and make the birthday super memorable. Of course, remember to take the necessary steps to prepare for anal playβ€”(lube galore)β€”you don’t want your adventure to turn into a painful (or messy) disaster.

4. Become his fan-ta-ta-sy.

 A few days or weeks before your guy’s birthday, find out what scenario,fantasy, or position he’s been wanting to try. Take copious mental notes, and then make one of his fantasies or even part of his fantasy come true. If he doesn’t really give you a straight answer, try a more general male fantasy: You could give him a surprise strip tease, a full body erotic massage, have sex somewhere new, make an adult film to enjoy together, or carefully spread a piece of birthday cake over your naked body and let him eat it off of you! (Mmm…cake

5. Abstain. 

To make the night really amazing, you can implement a “No Sex Rule” for an entire week prior to his birthday. The sexual tension and anticipation that will be built up will make the sex explosive that night.

6. Surprise him with oral sex.

Right when he walks in the door, pull down his pants and start his engine. Because guys can more often the ones to initiate sex, your man’s birthday is a great time to take the lead.

7. Give him a sex present.

Remember when you used to get toys for your birthday? Well, getting sex toys as an adult is even better. Because, seriously, what guy wouldn’t appreciate you giving him the gift of orgasms?