What most Ugandans don’t know about Kisoro

*What most Ugandans don’t know about Kisoro*

Kisoro district is the first district that can be seen via the setilites while tracing location of Uganda, The Border pillar one (BP1) of Republican of Uganda is based in Kisoro on mountain Sabwinyo, That’s where Uganda starts from.

In Kisoro on mountain Sabwinyo BP1 is the only place where one can stand & be in three countries at once, that is DR. Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.

Kisoro is a basin, this can experienced through aeroplane or via the hills of Kanaba on the exit of Echuya forest along Kabale- Kisoro road.

Traditionally it is believed that Kisoro is the loveliest village on the earth, having the good history of origin of word Kisoro from English people *”KissAll”* in colonial times by missionaries the people in the area use kissing, *(Guhoberana)*

Kisoro has volcanic open hole called *Kumuleremure* where things drowned in are either found in lake Mutanda or lake Burera.

Kisoro is the only area in Uganda that experiences Katabatic and unbatic winds on daily basis.

Kisoro is the only inspiring area in Uganda with the atleast three volcanic mountains & the highest peak Muhabura with crator lake on top of it.

Nonetheless, the reality never fails to overwhelm all who see the feet of the former King of Rwanda *Ruganzu Ndoli* who lived in 1500’s and his feet & claws of his dogs still exist on stones in different parts of Kisoro, it is believed traditionally that *Ruganzu* was blessed with powers to do wonders.

Kisoro is the only area in Uganda where floods on lake chahafi and kayumbu combines the two lakes on smallscale every after ten years and no research has ever been carried out about the cause.

Kisoro is the one small areas in Africa blessed with four lava dammed lakes that is lake Mutanda, mulehe, kayumbu and Chahafi.

Kisoro is the only area in Uganda which experiences (Eshata three times a year).

Kisoro is the only area in Uganda with volcanic cones, it also has double twinned cone called *”Sagitwe”* which can only be found in Tanzania in the rest of Africa.

Kisoro is the only district in Uganda which is blessed with two national parks and two cross borders with mountain gorillas that is Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks then Chanika & Bunagana borders.

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