whats the meaning of yellow or white zig zag lines on the road

Guides whats the meaning of yellow or white zig zag lines on the road

Many people have come across white or yellow zigzag lines on the road and wondered what those road markings mean. Some get confused whether they can stop or park in the area with the wavy white or yellow lines. The general road rules don’t allow people to park in areas with yellow zigzag lines. Neither are people allowed to overtake in those areas.

Yellow or white zigzag lines on a road means that you are approaching a pedestrian crossing. They signal or send a warning to drivers that they are approaching an area ahead where many people are crossing the road. These lines enables the drivers to take extra care by slowing down and ensures that pedestrians cross the road safely.

Yellow or white zigzag lines are also mainly found near many entrances and exists of police station, hospitals, schools and fire stations. Outside a school, these lines are marked on the road to advise or signal drivers not to park or wait on the lines for safety of the school children who want to cross. These lines means that the area must always be clear and that no car should be parked for school children to see any approaching car.