Why men lust after women with big butts

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Why men lust after women with big butts

For some time now, big butts ladies have been a major attraction for many, especially on social media.

Those with little backsides go through the trouble of finding a way to make this part of their body larger or wear padded pants to give them that sensual look. Men for some reasons are attracted to women with massive backsides.

While this may be considered unbelievably dreadful, it is the reality. They are after all firstly moved by sight and not by touch like the women. Seeing a woman endowed in that aspect frolicking on the street gets many men, both young and old fantasizing.

However, quantity isn’t quality so the same feature could irritate them as well if not packaged properly. Although, many guys would ignore the facial features of a woman and rate her beauty using that part of her body and the curves she has.

Sexual Fantasies

Men get turned on seeing women with big butts. It is one of the first things they discover in women. For most men, it’s the body first, then the face. They analyze how well formed the shapes are or how soft the butts would be to touch. Being able to have sexual relations with women endowed this way is a major achievement to most. Some men could go wild with desire when they imagine the things they could do with women with big butts while some simply can’t find the right words to use when they know the big butt is theirs, it’s like a trophy won.

Boost Courage

The joy of having people stare at them while they walk with ladies who have big butts’ got some men swirling in cloud nine. Most guys lust after women like this because it adds to their self-esteem. Other people look at them and give them credit for being the ones in control of such big things. Some men work this feeling into their personality and become more confident when it comes to issues that concern the opposite sex. Other guys also admire them in some ways and make lewd remarks that boost the courage of the men who are seeing those women.

Things They Feed Their Minds On

The social media and things that are being shared there have a major influence on men; it has a manipulative effect on them. As much as people would talk about the obsession of men with big butts, the roles women play in this situation should also be discussed and critically reviewed. It is the norm now for women to take pictures in positions that make their butts the focal point of attraction. It’s a feedback strategy; the message is being passed and the men are looking in that direction. Most musical videos display women flaunting big butts and doing things with it. Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video would give a man over a thousand ideas of what to do with butts. Subconsciously, a man’s interest is piqued when it comes to big butts. He would, therefore, look out for women who would see to his wild cravings.

Satisfaction Of Having Full Hands

No guy wants to make love to a woman with bones jutting out of every angle. Men prefer women who have full backsides they could hold on to at the peak of sexual pleasure. Seeing these women and being able to touch their big butts without reservation gives so many men a deep sense of satisfaction. They love to allow their hands wander and feel flesh in all the rightful places.

Sexual Position Sex is blown out of proportion with women with big butts. They represent sexual escapades and the men love to do the exploits. Naturally, the first thing that comes to a man’s mind on seeing a woman with big butts is how to get laid. Different bawdy songs come to mind then and ideas won’t stop coming. Men love to try different sex positions with women; the doggie style seems to be their best when it comes to women with big butts. This is because it gives them the double advantage of watching the collision between the butts as they make their impacts.

Ability To Produce Brainy Kids

Women with big butts are presumed to be healthy and have an air of vitality. Women with narrow waists and big butts scream two things to men. They aren’t pregnant judging by the waist and the big butts and broad hips say they could go through childbirth easily and produce healthy children. Moreover, the butts contain Gluteofemoral fats. This is usually found in the thighs and hips. The Gluteofemoral fat is linked with the production of breast milk which is essential for the development of a child’s brain.