3 ways to have a meaningful quickie

When people think about quickies they think about something that’s slutty, but it’s just a kind of sex that can be extremely satisfying.

Having a quickie can be just as meaningful as spending hours worshipping your partner’s body. But, to make it meaningful, most people have to revamp their idea of what a quickie even means. Ditch the idea of a quickie as a means to a fast orgasm or sexual release, and focus instead on being able to connect with your partner. A quickie doesn’t have to end in orgasm. Below are ways to have a meaningful quickie.

  1. Building the anticipation

Your quickie will be hotter and more meaningful if you’ve been thinking about it all day long. So, build it up throughout the day with sexting, sexy phone calls, or little notes in your partner’s pocket. It’s sure to create a connection.

  1. Trying something new

If your quickie happens in the comfort of your own home, it’s a perfect time to try out something a little kinkier than you would usually do. If there’s something you’re a little scared to try, then it might be good to try during a quickie since you don’t plan to spend too much time having sex anyway.

  1. Making eye contact

One way to make any kind of sex more intimate is to look into your partner’s eyes. It might feel awkward at first, but eye gazing and holding each other close can help you and your partner connect. Often, people find that as long as there’s a connection between the two of you, that sex is satisfying whether you cum or not.