Are Baganda tribalistic ?

The 1st Kabaka, Kato Kintu and Bukulu who chaired the Buganda constitution-making meeting at Nnono over 600 years ago were not Baganda but Bachwezi Banyoro from Ssese! That meeting unanimously rendered all clans equal including all 13 clans from Bunyoro, 5 from Ssese as well as the Kenya-exiled Mmamba clan.

When Ssese-born Kato Kintu finally sat on Ssemagulu the royal throne at that time before it later became Namulondo, all Baganda ululated. Note that Ssese wasn’t a Buganda county until 1900. Katamba and the Monkey clan which spearheads the coronation of a new Kabaka, a clan that doesn’t kneel before the Kabaka, the likes of Bebe Cool..etc are originally from Bunyoro and so were the gorgeous curvy Nsenene clan Wannyana the first Namasole..(2nd highest official after Kabaka). Which other state except the U.S. under Obama has willingly voted in or willingly offered its first and second highest positions to foreigners? In Buganda, there are known areas cordially dedicated to and reserved for welcome guests e.g. Kabanyoro, Kitooro, Kabassese.

Baganda is as accommodative as Original Americans allowed Chinese towns all over U.S. state capitals. In Northern Uganda, only one place carries a foreign name and it’s a bar, Buganda pub! Kyebando area derives its name from the fact that Bugandas Dance-living Kabaka Kyabaggu offered it to Basoga dancers for their remarkable Tamenhaibuga dance When coastal Arabs like Tippu Tip and Ahmed Bin Ibrahim visited, Baganda welcomed them and named places e.g Mulungu, Salaams, Lungujja, Mutundwe after their culture before Allah Worship officially became a state religion.

How tribalistic! During martyrdom, six of the 45 Uganda Martyrs were not Baganda originally although By 1886, they had been promoted to top civil service jobs in Buganda. Andrew Kaahwa KAGGWA the chief bandstand, Matia Mulumba Kalemba from Busoga once commanded the Singo County army. Please ignore Appolo Kaggwas’s ethnicity here. It wasn’t an issue as he signed the 1900 Buganda agreement and he served as one of Buganda longest longest-serving Katikkiros.

In 1911 Baganda accepted to name two of their hills Kololo and Naguru after the nocturnal lamentation of Acholis’ deposed leader Chief Awich of the Lamogi rebellion. That’s a demonstration of brotherhood especially the Acholi considering that when Gerald Portal who had renamed Toro’s capital after himself tried to rename Entebbe Zamugula after his wife Alice. Baganda rejected. Who the. ……is Alice? Go check membership of the Lukiiko, it has tens of non-Baganda. Baganda bases their reasoning ahead of tribalism.

Usually, it’s a governance issue e.g. when a Buganda Princess drowned her tyrant brother Kabaka Kagulu whom the Banyoro had renamed Tebuchwereke…for his cruelty, e.g. when Baganda offered Ssemagulu Royal seat to foreigner Kato to replace his foreigner brother Wasswa Bemba Musota..e.g. When Baganda supported a bloodless coup to replace a party-crazy Kabaka with a development minded Kabaka Kyabaggu. Let’s Judge Honestly, factually.