How to Have Safe Sex in a Car

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How to Have Safe Sex in a Car

Since it arrived in the 20th century, the automobile has provided an alternative place for sexual congress. The following are simple instructions for heterosexual, two-person sex in a car.

Step 1: Clean the car Be sure that the seats and floors of the vehicle are relatively clean. The mood can be dampened by rotting food and other debris being jostled during the act.

TIP: While some people burn candles to heighten the romance, it is not recommended. They’re a fire hazard–and stopping to light them can kill the spontaneity. Also, interior light isn’t helpful when privacy is a priority.

Step 2: Park safely Park your vehicle in a safe, level, legal, and secluded area. Turn off the lights. The legality of the parking spot is especially important as an interruption by police could derail your plans.

Step 3: Leave ignition on If you want to play mood music, leave the ignition on, so as not to drain the battery.

. Step 4: Pick a seat Decide whether to have sex in the front passenger seat or in the rear (passenger seat). The driver’s seat isn’t ideal because of the steering wheel. The backseat provides the most room, but it’s less spontaneous, and one is more vulnerable if interrupted.

TIP: If your vehicle has fully adjustable seats, lower the front passenger seat to horizontal.

Step 5: Remove clothing
Remove the necessary clothing and place it in an empty seat or footwell–preferably one you won’t be using. If you and your partner each claim one area, finding and sorting clothing after sex will be easy.

Step 6: Assume your positions
Assume your positions. The man should sit reclining, while the female straddles him.
TIP: Exercise caution when climbing over the gearshift

Step 7: Have sex Have sex.
Step 8: Drive home Get dressed and drive your date home.

FACT: Eighty percent of adults claim to have had sex in an automobile.