Is it okay to have sex with a pregnant woman?

Is it okay to have sex with a pregnant woman?😍🔥

Technically you can have sex while pregnant up to the moment of the childbirth. At that moment, the vagina is a bit occupied, making sex a bit more difficult. But once the child is born, you can continue to have sex again.

As that matters is being in the right mood. Pregnant women do carry some additional weight that puts pressure to their back. This combined with the pregnancy hormones can change her moods a bit. It requires some adjustments to your sexual routines and it is different for every woman.

And no, guys… You don’t have to fear that you’re accidentally penetrating the unborn baby! Your penis isn’t that large to begin with and besides, the baby is protected by a protective sack in which it grows. You will only have to fear breaking her water when it’s about time to give birth because when that happens, the child birth will be about to start!

After birth, the new mother will often be too exhausted for sex and the whole vaginal area might be a bit bruised, stretched out and not feel very comfortable for her. After having given birth, she might again have a different mood caused by the hormonal change that occurs after childbirth.