Ladies here’s a list of what most men want.

Ladies here’s a list of what most men want.

1. Appreciation-
He sacrifices & does best to make you happy – Always say “thank you!” Dont discredit him comparing him to your friend’s man

2. Understanding-
There will be times he is financially down. Know that it won’t be like that forever. Motivate him til things get right.

3. Effort –
Don’t wait on him to check up on you. Let him find that “Good morning handsome” text. Go out of your way to make him smile!

4. Consistency –
All that you did to impress him at first should continue. Dont get too comfortable. Let him fall inlove with you over & over

5. Respect-
Treat him like the King that he is. Don’t ever belittle him or make him feel less than a man. Hitting your man is a complete NO!

6. Boundaries-
YOUR MAN’S FRIENDS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. It’s disrespectful making your man have to fight for your attention with other men.

7. Potential Wife-
Things like cleaning, cooking & catering to your man without having to be told do so but because you choose to do so.

8. Clarity-
Dont beat around the bush if you are upset -let your man know wassup so you can solve it. Expecting someone to guess is childish

9. Balance-
Don’t guilt trip him into cutting off his social life to spend time with you 24/7. Give him space to chill with his bros as well

10. Energy-
Be active during sex – don’t lay there like a dead piece of wood. Show enthusiasm, get freaky asf, ride him & suck his dick. @freakyparty