Uganda is looking for a new type of Tourists in West Africa

We are shocked to learn that Uganda is looking for a new type of Tourists in West Africa; Imagine the madness😂.

Then there is a Tourism Mafia bringing a Nigerian Conduit to sign a deal of $200,000 to market Uganda in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Conduit is called IKETCH with his briefcase Company AKWABA CONSULTANTS.
The details of the deal is that he gets the money and gives it back to the connected mafia and Iketch gets $30,000 only. The balance will be shared amongst the mafias.

UTB is trying hard to have this deal done with a pressure from this mafia. I want to warn you that this Cartel will land you in trouble. This mafia has benefitted from all previous UTB Leadership.

The mafia is a living constant. Be warned!!!

Also note that we nolonger need the PR Firms. We are going to expose you and incite Ugandans against signing again of those contracts. UTB don’t renew those Contracts. Please. We are following you. We don’t want another big BOU Scandal. People are going to be arrested in broad day light.