Ugandans are Visiting Uganda after a local charity Tour Lauch -elitenewspress


It’s no longer the ancient saying “abajungu barabaho” Ugandans are traveling to their country, three months ago we launched a local charity tour whose aim was to transfer the proceeds to charity (still on going) and luck landed on Uganda’s most visited Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mary Komuhangi Bakeine, Shariff Akankwasa, Atukunda Evelyn and Nicholas Quest you my silent supporters (thank you for all the advices) story short, the day was 27/28 dec 2018 when we hit the road to this endowed God’s residence never to disappoint you best African destination, the fist surprise was the jam at the reception, then at the launch all Ugandans and a few bazungu who with a lot of amusement looked at us like we used to look at them, it was so serious that the influx almost resurrected the Kintu kidogo ghost as entering the launch seemed to be a tag of war, this made me remember the Bible story 2kings 7:1 onwards. about 120 cars parked in a disorganized way at lake shore, you know those announcements: UAB 123x you are blocking the way, of course to no response every body is high with joy, thanks to UWA officials they insisted no overloading instead they made the trips shot and made many returns which looked safer, you could of course differentiate between kampalians and villagians, you know why I stay in the village, slaying and boatlying rocked, balancing the boat every time, the game paths we all hijacked and only lions were brave enough to withstand the invasion, like what I am trying to mean is that if you haven’t packed your bag, please do because at this rate in the near future it will impossible to get to this place of God,

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