How you can prepare to drive from destination A to Destination B.

Happy New month folks and workmates. It’s been while since I last dropped something here but, let’s forget about all that and pick it up from where we left it.

This time am looking at how we can prepare to drive from Destination A to Destination B and here’s my account of how one would prepare themselves for such a drive;

1. Vehicle pre check; very vital that a driver guide checks their vehicle considerably well every morning before driving off….. for things like leaks, signal lights, horn, tyre pressure, spare tyre among others. Knowing these are in place gives you and your clients a piece of mind during the drive.

2. Knowing your drive time; one ought to know their driving time from destination A to B such that they can plan the average speed to drive at. The speed varies depending on the distance to be covered which is very handy to us tour guide drivers and other drivers too.

3. In the same line, break and stretch points shouldn’t be planned for. The Highway Code recommends 15 mins break every after 2 hrs. of driving. This helps both the driver guide and the clients to have a break, stretch and ease themselves. It’s unethical for a driver guide to drive clients for more than 3 hours without a break. So always know the best places to take a break, use of the wash rooms – putting very much consideration to the ladies, and somewhere safe.

4. Plan route of use ; this simply means knowing the conditions of the road prior which will give you and your clients a relaxed and enjoyable drive to you destination other than panicking during the drive.

5. During the drive from Destination A to B try so much to engage your clients. One of the biggest mistakes we guides make is to take things for granted. Guys we should understand that what may seem usual with us is a ‘wooow’ to our clients….remember its different ‘worlds’ between Africa and the west. So try to point out and comment to clients as much as you can about all that that may seem small or usual to you …… will thank me later

6. Lastly, ALWAYS double check your lodge bookings prior to your arrival especially in the peak season. Many lodges and hotels today haves names that are close or even almost identical. Once you call ahead of you it gives the lodge or hotel better preparations in terms of rooming – single, double or twin among others, meal table setting, and time of arrival AND TO BE SURE YOU ARE HEADING TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

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